Office of Sponsored Programs and Research

Red Square Clark University Worcester MA

Instruction Sheet for Completing the Clark University Proposal Summary and Approval Form

Part I: Principal Investigator Project Director Information

  1. Enter the PI/PD name, campus phone number, and university e-mail address. Identify the home department of the PI/PD for the project under Home Department. If the grant will be submitted through a Center or Institute, please note which one in the appropriate box.
  2. If there is a co-PI/PD, please add that information as well. If there is more than one co-PI or co-director, include the name, phone number, e-mail and department of the individual who will have primary project responsibility after the PI/PD.
  3. Funded Effort: Enter the number of person-months funded for the academic year and/or the summer months of June, July, and August.

Part II: Project and Agency Information

  1. Include the full Project Title. Under Project Duration, note total length of time for the project.
  2. For Primary Sponsor, enter the originating source of the funding (e.g.. NIH or NSF). Note: if the project is being supported by more than one funding source, a separate Proposal Summary and Approval Form is required for each sponsor. A Subcontracting Sponsor is the name of the "pass-through" institution which is providing a subgrant or subcontract to Clark. Also, enter Sponsor Type, the category of the originating funding agency. A Non-Federal Public sponsor could be a local, state or regional public entity, or a foreign government. A Foundation/Corporation grant will be submitted through Foundation and Corporate Relations and should be the first point of contact for a foundation/corporation grant.
  3. Check the Agreement Type. For the purpose of this document, Subcontract (under Agreement Type) defines Clark as being the Subrecipient on a grant from another organization. For example, if WPI has received a grant through NSF and would like Dr. Smith at Clark to be Co-PI, Clark would receive the funding through WPI. If you have any questions about this category, please contact OSPR staff for assistance.
  4. Check whether this is a Preproposal. Also included in this category are Letters of Intent (LOI).
  5. Check for the Project Location. An on or off-campus designation is determined by the primary site of the PI/PD's time and effort on the project.
  6. Check the primary Project Purpose of this application. If "other", please specify.
  7. Check the Award Type sought for this project. If you have any questions about this category please consult the "QuickGuide" on the OSPR website, or contact OSPR staff for assistance.

Part III: Project Budget Information

  1. Enter onto first line requests for Capital Equipment, valued at $5,000 or more. This is the stand-alone value of a piece of equipment.
  2. On second line, add the Total Direct Costs for the project, which includes salaries and benefits, other direct costs, and any capital equipment.
  3. On third line, note the percentage of indirect costs being requested for the project in the space provided, and include a copy of any guidelines stating the allowed indirect costs, if not the full amount. Enter the dollar amounts for university cost sharing, if any.
  4. Last line, add each column for the budget figures entered. 

Part IV: Compliance Considerations

Check all the relevant items here.

Part V: Institutional Considerations

Check all the relevant items here. For Anticipated Promotion, please check whether you anticipate an increase in salary beyond the annual cost of living increase due to a position promotion (Associate Faculty, Full-time Tenure faculty, etc.) For the purpose of this document, Subcontract (under Institutional Considerations) defines Clark as being the prime recipient and having subcontracts under an awarded grant or contract. For example, Clark University’s Dr. Smith has been awarded an NSF grant. She had included a subcontract for her collaborator at WPI to do work for her under the grant agreement.

Part VI: Approvals

All required signatures must be obtained in the order they are listed. E-mail or telephone approvals by authorizing individuals must be followed with original signatures. Substitute signatures should be authenticated by e-mail or telephone communication to OSPR by the authorizing individual. Approval forms should be received at OSPR no later than five business days prior to the agency deadline.