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Published Articles and Papers Written By Dr. Robert H. Goddard

These are the published articles and papers of Robert H. Goddard as listed in Appendix 3 of The Papers of Robert H. Goddard, which was published in 1970. This book includes those items listed with a * in front of them.

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* "The Use of the Gyroscope in the Balancing and Steering of Airplanes," Scientific American Supplement, June 29, 1907

"The Use of the Gyroscope in the Balancing and Steering of Airplanes," Journal of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, November 1907

* "On Some Anomalous Electrical Conductors," Journal of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, November 1908

"On Some Peculiarities of Electrical Conductivity Exhibited by Powders and a Few Solid Substances," Physical Review, June 1909; abstracted in Electrician, August 13, 1909

* "The Limit of Rapid Transit," editorial, Scientific American, November 20, 1909

"Theory of Diffraction," MA thesis, Clark University, 1910

"A Study of Crystal Rectifiers," abstract of a paper presented to the Washington meeting of the American Physical Society, December 27-30, 1911; Physical Review, February 1912

"On the Conduction of Electricity at Contacts of Dissimilar Solids," Ph.D. dissertation, Clark University, 1911; Physical Review, June 1912; abstracted in Electrician, August 16, 1912

"On Mechanical Force from the Magnetic Field of a Displacement Current," paper read April 27, 1912 at meeting of the American Physical Society at Cambridge, listed by title in Physical Review, May 1912

"On Interference Colors in Clouds," Science, December 19, 1913

"On Ponderomotive Force upon a Dielectric Which Carries a Displacement Current in a Magnetic Field," Physical Review, August 1914

"Bachelet's Frictionless Railway at Basis a Tech Idea," Journal of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, November 1914

"On the Production of Rare Gases in Vacuum Tubes," Science, May 7, 1915

* "High-velocity Jets of Gas Applicable to Rockets," paper read April 26, 1919 at meeting of American Physical Society at Washington; listed by title "Approximate Solution of a General Case of Rocket Action" in Physical Review, August 1919

* "A Method of Reaching Extreme Altitudes," Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, Vol. 71, No. 2, 1919; condensations in Scientific American Monthly, February 1920, and Nature August 26, 1920

* "On High-altitude Research," Science, February 6, 1920

"The Rocket Method," Journal of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, April 1920

* "The Possibilities of the Rocket in Weather Forecasting," paper read April 27, 1920 before the National Academy of Sciences at Washington; published in its Proceedings, August 1920

"On Recording Apparatus for Meteorological Research with Rockets," Science, December 10, 1920

* "That Moon-rocket Proposition - Refutation of Some Popular Fallacies," Scientific American, February 26, 1921

* "The High-altitude Rocket," Monthly Weather Review, February 1924

"On the Present Status of the High-altitude Rocket," abstract of paper read at meeting of American Physical Society at Cincinnati, December 27-30, 1923, Physical Review, February 1924

"In Memoriam - Arthur G. Webster," Library Publications, Clark University, March 1924

"How My Speed Rocket Can Propel Itself in a Vacuum," Popular Science Monthly, September 1924

"On the Efficient Utilization of Solar Energy," Journal of the Optical Society of America and Review of Scientific Instruments, July 1929

"A New Invention to Harness the Sun," Popular Science Monthly, November 1929

"The Development of a Rocket for the Investigation of the Upper Atmosphere," abstract of paper presented at a meeting of the Philadelphia Section of the Institute of Radio Engineers, January 7, 1930; published in its Proceedings, February 1930

"A New Turbine Rocket Plane for the Upper Atmosphere," Scientific American, March 1932

"Periodically Interrupted Flow through Air Passages," with Dr. Albert C. Erickson, Journal of the Aeronautical Sciences, May 1935

"Progress in the Development of Atmospheric Sounding Rockets," abstract of paper presented at St. Louis meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, December 1935; published in Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, February 1936

* "Liquid-propellant Rocket Development," Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, Vol. 95, No. 3, March 16, 1936; condensed in Scientific American, August and September 1936

"Whither Go the Rockets?" Journal of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, March 1936

"Some Aspects of Rocket Engineering," The Tech Engineering News, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, April 1938

Rockets, comprising "A Method of Reaching Extreme Altitudes" and "Liquid-propellant Rocket Development," with a foreword by R. H. Goddard in 1945, New York, American Rocket Society, 1946

Rocket Development: Liquid-fuel Rocket Research, 1929-1941, a condensation by Dr. Goddard in 1944-1945 of his notes on experiments, edited by Esther C. Goddard and G. Edward Pendray, New York, Prentice-Hall, 1948, reissued 1961