Archives and Special Collections

About the Special Collection

Clark University's Special Collections materials are housed in the Archives and Special Collections area of the Robert H. Goddard Library at Clark University. The books held in this area are either too fragile or too rare to be housed elsewhere in the library. Researchers to the Special Collections area will find extensive holdings that document a broad range of subject matter concerning the Worcester area in general and Clark University in particular. Other topics are covered to a lesser extent. Books are selected for the collection based mainly on their rarity or fragility. Most of the books in Special Collections, including the theses and dissertations written at Clark University, can be found in the main catalog of the Goddard Library.

The Worcester authors collection includes manuscripts and published works by a number of well known former Worcester residents. The authors include Stanley Kunitz, Esther Forbes, S.N. Behrman, Katherine Fiske Berry, and Olive Higgins Prouty.

The Worcester history collection contains more than 165 volumes describing the growth and development of the city. Additional material about Worcester can be found in the thesis and dissertation collection.

There is also a complete collection of Edmund Wilson's books, most of which are first editions. There are also rare items such as Christmas cards that Wilson personally designed.

Special Collections holds hundreds of miniature books, including all 48 volumes by the renowned miniature book printer Achille St. Onge (1913-1978). They are printed on hand-woven rag paper, edged in gold, with decorative papers, and bound in many different colored leathers. Among them is "Robert Hutchings Goddard: Father of the Space Age", which was flown on board Apollo 11 for America's first moon landing on July 20, 1969; it was the first book on the moon. Another is "The Rose Garden of Omar Khayyam," which at one time was the smallest book ever printed using movable type.

The Special Collections area also holds many other items. For example, the collection contains nine orderly books of the 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment from the Revolutionary War. In addition, we have a few cuneiform tablets, a piece of papyrus, and a paper scroll. There are also many William Blake facsimiles and numerous first editions of books.

The items in this collection do not circulate, but may be examined upon request.