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Friends of Goddard Library: Our Magic Odyssey

The Friends of the Goddard Library at Clark University is please to announce the publication of:

Our Magic Odyssey by Alice Coonley Higgins

From the Great Coral Reefs of Australia to the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu, from receptions with heads of state to fishing trips with seasoned anglers, Our Magic Odyssey invites the reader to join Alice and Milton Higgins on their 43-year journey of adventure and self-discovery.

Alice Higgins recreates in colorful, graceful prose the landscapes and people of cultures around the world during their travels when Milton Higgins served as president of the Norton Company. This book describes not only a lost world – lifestyles and places before their transformation by high technology – but also their children and, finally, retirement. Our Magic Odyssey introduces the reader to unforgettable characters and scenery, and most importantly to the remarkable, dedicated husband and wife team of Alice and Milton Higgins.

You can purchase your copy of Our Magic Odyssey, for $25.00 plus shipping, by contacting:

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