Guy Burnham Map and Aerial Photography Collection

Guy Burnham Map and Aerial Photography Library

About the Map Library

The Guy H. Burnham Map & Aerial Photograph Collection consists of 230,000 maps, 7,800 aerial photographs, as well as atlases, globes, map reference materials, and monographs (primarily on the subjects of cartography, history of cartography, computerized cartography, map and imagery interpretation, remote sensing and GIS).

Opened in 1921, the Map Library at Clark University was an integral part of the newly established Graduate School of Geography. The use of maps figured prominently in the program of study designed by eminent geomorphologist, Wallace W. Atwood, the first Director of the Graduate School of Geography and simultaneously President of the University. The collection of maps grew under the guidance of Cartographer and Map Curator, Guy H. Burnham, from 1922-1966. The library was dedicated to Mr. Burnham in 1971, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Graduate School of Geography. In 1987, the administrative function of the collection was transferred from the Graduate School of Geography to the Robert Hutchings Goddard Library.