Guy Burnham Map and Aerial Photography Library

Guy Burnham Map and Aerial Photography Library

Aeronatical/Navigational Charts

Series Name Date Scale Geographic Coverage Notes
Pacific Lat/Long. Chart for Navigation 1942-44 1:2Meast USSR, South China Sea, South Korea, Pacific Islands 00
Aeronautical Chart 1935-44 1:1MRussia, China, Mongolia, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines 25
Aeronautical Chart 1939-43 1:1MRussia, China, Korea, Japan, Myanmar 25
Asia/Pacific Aeronautical Chart 1938-43 1:1.5M Asia, Pacific Islands 25
Asia/Pacific Aeronautical Chart 1936-44 1:1.2M East Asia 25
Asia/Pacific Aeronautical Chart 19381:750K China 25
Asia/Pacific Aeronautical Chart 1940-44 1:500K Korea, Taiwan, Japan 25
Asia/Pacific Aeronautical Chart 1940-41 1:2MSoutheast Asia 00
Asia/Pacific Aeronautical Chart 1941-43 1:3MOceania 25
Defense Map n.a.1:4M Russia, Asia, Pacific Islands 25
East Asia/Pacific Aeronautical Chart-North Region 19441:1M China, North Korea 25
East Asia/Pacific Aeronautical Chart-North Equator Area 19441:1M East Asia, Southeast Asia 25
East Asia/Pacific Aeronautical Chart-South Region 19401:1M Indochinese Peninsula 25
East Asia/Pacific Aeronautical Chart-Equator Area 19441:1M Southeast Asia, Oceania 25
Europe & Asia Aeronautical Chart 1943-44 1:3MEurope and Middle East, Arabia, Peninsula 25
Great East Asia Aeronautical Chart 19431:2M Alaska, west Canada 25
Great East Asia Aeronautical Chart 1943-44 1:2MFar East, Southeast Asia, Oceania 25
India Aeronautical Chart 19421:1M east border of India 25
Pacific Region Aeronautical Chart 1938-41 1:2MFar East 25
Pacific Region Aeronautical Chart Southern Region 1940-42 1:2M Southeast Asia, Oceania
Pacific Region Aeron. Chart -Pacific North 1942-44 1:2MFar East 25
Pacific Region. Aeron. Chart - Pacific South 1942-43 1:2M Southeast Asia, Oceania 25
Pan Pacific Aeron.Chart 1942-44 1:3MPacific Rim countries 25


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R. Printed in Russian and Japanese.

1. Does not contain topographic information.

2. Color overprints contain strategic information on population, terrain, vegetation, seasonal road conditions, and the route taken by the survey team.

3. Series also includes eastern Siberia (100K), Sakhalin North (100K), and Manchuria (100K).

4. Covers Far East Region of former Soviet Union, although series name is "Siberia."

5. Large number of maps, in more than two folders.

6. Duplicated and translated from maps prepared by Red Army General Staff (Generalny Shtab Krasnoy Armii).

7. Based on the British Ceylon Survey (1936-37).

8. Based on German series, Karte von Ost-China (1909).

>9. Includes topographic and hydrographic information.

10. See also 100K Northern and Southern China, 100K Manchuria, 100K Northern China (Inner Mongolia).

11. Based on aerial photos.

12. Color overprints contain information on water supply, seasonal road conditions, and water quality.

13. The two series, Douman River Area (1907-08) and Najin Fortification Area (1907-08), cover the same area and have the same scale, date of publication, quadrangle names and grid system.

14. Contains physical and intelligence information.

15. Contains land use information.

16. Duplicated from Carte routiere de l'Indochine Feuille (1939). Printed in French and Japanese.

17. Duplicated from Carte de l'Indochine Feuille (1907-36). Printed in French and Japanese.

18. Duplicated from 1:200K charts (1918) published by Thailand Geography Bureau.

19. Based on aerial photographs, 1:200K Thailand (1918,1941) and Navy Chart #704.

20. Duplicated from British maps (1924-41) published by Federal Malay States and the Straits Settlements Survey Bureau.

21. Duplicated from Topographic Inrichting Batavia (1924).

22. Duplicated from the Dutch series, Algemeene Shetskaart van Nederllandsh-Indie (1940-41) and/or Nederlandsch-Indie (1924-1925).

23. Duplicated from Dutch maps.

24. Color overprints contain strategic information on elevation, population, climate, natural resources, vegetation, sanitation, and epidemic diseases.

25. Contains topographic information.

26. Contains information on population, soil, culture, nutrition, and climate.

27. Includes information on cannons: types, location, and range.

28. Duplicated from maps made by Republic of China (1930).

29. Kwangtung Leased Territory was located on the southern tip of the Liaotung Peninsula. The territory also included adjacent islands, notably the Changshan Islands.

30. This series was published under the name, Japanese Empire.

31. AMS 1301.

32. AMS L733.

33. GSGS 3868.

34. AMS L761 & L762.

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