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Data Profiles of Massachusetts Gateway Cities

Welcome to the Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise's Data Profiles of Massachusetts Gateway Cities. Our profiles are designed to provide you with current information on the 27 mid-sized cities of Massachusetts known as the Gateway Cities. The 1.8 million residents of our Gateway Cities make up about one-quarter of the Commonwealth's population. The profiles provide you with an overview of these cities along many dimensions. They include the composition of the city's population and recent demographic events, mortality and health, its local economy, housing, education and civic engagement. While it is not possible to provide a comprehensive data handbook for each city, we feel the profiles tell an important story about each city. To help you see the ways in which a particular Gateway city stands out, we have included information that allows for a comparison with other Gateway cities and the Commonwealth as whole. The Profiles are part of ongoing research on New England's mid-sized cities at the Mosakowski Institute. We welcome comments on all aspects of the profiles, including suggestions on data that may be particularly helpful for understanding our Gateway Cities and on improvements that we may make in helping the data tell the story of the remarkable diversity and vibrancy of the Commonwealth's mid-sized cities. To share your suggestions, questions, or comments about the profiles, feel free to contact us.

Attleboro Barnstable Brockton Chelsea
Chicopee Everett Fall River Fitchburg
Haverhill Holyoke Lawrence Leominster
Lowell Lynn Malden Methuen
New Bedford Peabody Pittsfield Quincy
Revere Salem Somerville Springfield
Taunton Westfield Worcester

Guide to data used in the Profiles

The Profiles draw upon the most recent data available from the American Community Survey, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and other sources. The entire guide to the data with sources is here. For a quick look-up, please use the following links:

Population and Demographic change Housing, Education, and Public Health
The Local Economy Civic Engagement

What is a Gateway City?


The definition of a Gateway Municipality is found in Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 23A Section 3A. Gateway Cities have a population that is above 35,000 and below 250,000. The income of residents of Gateway Cities is below the median for the state and the share of residents with a bachelor's degree or above is below the state average. Many people have contributed to the Profiles projects since the first edition was produced in 2013. They include Laura Faulkner, Joe Krahe, Mickayla Aboujaoude and Jana Kelnhofer. Sarah Philbrick is the current Research Coordinator for the Gateway City Profiles.