POSTED: 01/01/05

We wish to make available to the electro-acoustic composition community a free set of recorded samples of a Schoenhut toy piano. In addition to a complete 2-octave chromatic scale (loud and quiet), we have included trills, clusters, plucked rods, case noises, and m2 dyads; recorded both close miked (duel mono/front & back) and in a hall with natural reverberation (MS stereo). These sample are available free of charge at: <>.

We are soliciting electro-acoustic compositions that feature the toy piano and utilize the samples provided (see above).

- works for recorded media alone
- video and multimedia works
- works utilizing interactive applications/interfaces
- works for recorded media or interactive applications with 2 toy pianos and 1 non–toy piano (in any combination).

Works that include electroacoustic improvisation, alternative controllers, and new approaches to sound with other media in performance are especially encouraged.

Supported technology resources include:

- A playback system of eight channels (arrange around the periphery of the concert hall)
- Cycling '74's Max/MSP
- Kyma X with Capybara 320
- Proposals for other technologies will be considered

Submissions can be considered in the following audio formats (16bit/44.1k only for submission; performance quality may be 24-bit/96k):

Audio Only:
- CD
- Alesis ADAT
- ProTools session: multi-channel works require explanatory notes for channel placement. If submitting a data CD, there should be one soundfile per channel with all soundfiles should start at time zero in the mix.

Video (NTSC only):

A group of 5-8 finalist will be selected from the pool of submitted compositions. These works will be presented at a Festival of two planned concerts on November, 2005 in the Razzo Recital Hall, Clark University (Worcester, MA). The Festival will also feature a symposium between programs.

Materials should be received by July 15, 2005 at:

The Extensible Toy Piano Project
Clark University
Department of Visual and Performing Arts
950 Main St.
Worcester, MA 01610 USA

Materials should include (as appropriate):

- score/recording of composition
- program notes & a brief composers biography (max. 200 words each)
- SASE for return of materials (otherwise materials will not be returned)

Contact information:
Project directors:
David Claman (College of the Holy Cross) <>
Matt Malsky (Clark University) <>

This project enjoys the support of the Group for Electronic Music (a joint endeavor by Clark University and The College of the Holy Cross).

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