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Brandon Gaytán

Bio: I received B.A. degrees in biology and computer science from Clark in May 2007. I am enrolled in the 5th-year M.A program in biology.

In addition, I have completed an NSF-REU (National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates) at San Jose State University in California during the summer of 2006. I presented that work at a final symposium as well as at the SACNAS 2006 national conference in Tampa, FL. The presentation was titled "Induction of apoptosis by mutations in the binding loop of Mojastin disintegrins and modeling of the Mojastin proteins."

Awards: Past awards and scholarships have included the David Potter Prize for Excellence in Biology and a Carlson scholarship.

(Read more about Clark's merit-based scholarships and grants for first-year students.)

Research interests: Protein expression/ purification/ interactions. I am currently expressing and purifying Dictyostelium centrinB protein. Since centrinB is a calcium binding protein, I will investigate how calcium affects the binding of interacting proteins to centrinB. Eventually, I would like to conduct research either in nutritional biochemistry or alternative energy production in bacteria.

Publications: In the pipeline.

More about me : I like the Red Sox. A lot. Understandably, I don't like the Yankees. I play the violin and go on Clark orchestra tours to crazy places like Cyprus. My apartment has a lot of plants. My favorite plants might be mango and avocado trees. Too bad they won't grow around here. I'm going to graduate school in California just so I can grow them in my backyard.

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