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BIOL 118 Genetics/Lecture, Laboratory

Investigates the nature of genes and their role in governing heredity in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Includes the principles of gene transmission, the nature of gene and chromosomal mutation, principles of gene mapping. Some aspects of molecular genetics and mechanisms of gene expression will be discussed, but are not a major part of the course. Additional topics include population and quantitative genetics, as well as the role of genes in behavior. Also includes an integrated laboratory that highlights many aspects of the lectures. Prerequisites: BIOL 101 or BIOL 103, and BIOL 102. Mr. Thackeray/Offered every year.

BIOL 218/318 Genetics and Disease/Lecture, Discussion

This course focuses on the genetic basis of human disease. Many important disorders are primarily of genetic origin, whereas others reflect the complex interplay between our genes and the environment. The Human Genome Project has provided a wide range of new tools that allow us to understand the genetic underpinnings of both kinds of disease. The course is of mixed format, with both lecture and discussion of primary literature; students will also pick a human disorder/disease and present a literature review of it in the form of an essay, poster and oral presentation. Prerequisite: BIOL 118. Mr Thackeray/Offered periodically

BIOL 236/336, Biology of Cancer/Lecture, Discussion

According to the World Health Organization, cancer is the cause of one in eight deaths around the world, and kills an even greater proportion of Americans. Over the past thirty years, great strides have been made in understanding the biological and environmental causes of cancer; we have also made stunning progress in the treatment of some cancers. This class will address the cellular, genetic and biochemical basis of cancer, as well as delve into current modes of treatment. Students will choose a human cancer and develop an essay, present a poster and give an oral presentation on it, based on a review of primary literature. Prerequisite: BIOL 137 or BIOL 271; BIOL 118 recommended. Mr Thackeray/Offered periodically.

BIOL 103 Principles of Environmental and Conservation Biology/Lecture, Laboratory

This course provides an introduction to biology appropriate for those interested in environmental and conservation biology. It is designed with three general goals in mind: (1) to provide students with an understanding of the unifying themes in modern biology, (2) to introduce students to the diversity of life forms at all levels of organization, and (3) to illustrate the methods and modes of scientific inquiry in the biological sciences. Students are introduced to principles of evolution, genetics, behavior and ecology. Satisfies BIOL 101 requirement for the biology major and is one of three core requirements for the environmental science major. Fulfills the Science Perspective. Must register for lab for BIOL 101. Ms. Foster and Mr. Thackeray/ Offered every year.

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