Researchers in the lab work in interdisciplinary projects that require the use of wide variety of instruments within the department, for a comprehensive list please visit the following link: Instruments at Clark’s Chemistry Department

Equipment that is routinely used by the group is group in several categories below:

Thermal Analysis

  1. TA Instruments Q500 TGA

  2. Perkin Elmer DSC 7

  3. Perkin Elmer Jade 6 DSC

Ion Transport

  1. Impedance spectrometer (Solartron 1260 + Solartron 1287)

  2. Solid State PFGE diffusion experiments using a Varian 400 WB Inova

Chemical Structure

  1. Perkin Elmer FTIR, spectrum 100 with ATR capabilities

  2. Varian Cary 40 UV-Vis Spectrometer

  3. Mercury 200 NMR Spectrometer

  4. Varian Inova 600 MHz, 4 Channel, NMR spectrometer

  5. Perkin Elmer GC-Mass Spectrometer

  6. Perkin Elmer GPC

  7. Agilent HPLC

Nanoscale structure

(These instruments were purchased through a generous grant to Clark University from the Sherman Fairchild Foundation)

  1. Hitachi Scanning Electron Microscope

  2. Agilent Atomic Force Microscope

  3. Tescan Vega 3 SEM

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