Selected Publications

Work done at Clark University

* undergraduate student author, #graduate student author

    25. Migliaccio, L.*, Stockmal, K.*, Wei., J.#, Radu, A., Granados-Focil S., McGraw, C.,  

           Carbonate selective low-cost ISEs for environmental studies. Electroanalysis. Submitted.  

     24. Mendecki, L. #, Granados-Focil, S., Radu, A., Lumogallion-based fluorescent optical sensor fo the

           determination of aluminium (III) with ultra-low detection limits., Analyst. Submitted.  

      23. Yu, X. #; Granados-Focil, S.; Tao, M.; Burnham, N., Time- and composition- dependent evolution   

            of distinctive microstructures in bitumen. Energy and Fuels, in revision.  

     22. Tyufekchiev, M. #; Duan, P. #; Schmidt-Rohr, K.; Granados-Focil, S.; Timko, M.T.; Emmert, M.,  

            Cellulase-Mimetic Solid Acids for Cellulose Hydrolysis: Structural Explanations for High 

            Catalytic Activity,  ACS Catalysis. In Revision.  

     21. Doyle, R.P. and Granados-Focil, S. Carbonate-mediated alkyl functionalization of poly(ethylene

           imine), an efficient, mild, route towards fully functionalized PEI backbones. In revision. 

    20. Fallahi, A., Guldentops, G. #, Tao, M., Granados-Focil, S., Van Dessel, S., Review on solid-

           solid phase change materials for thermal energy storage: Molecular structure and

           thermal properties. Applied Thermal Engineering, 2017, 127, 1427-1441. Link

19. Wei, J.,# Trout, W.,* Simon, Y., Granados-Focil S., Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization   

      of Triazole-Bearing Cyclobutenes: Diblock copolymer synthesis and evaluation of

      the effect of side group size on polymerization kinetics. Journal of Polymer Science,

      Part A, Chemistry, 2017, 55 (11) 1929. Link

     18. Nguyen, C-T., Deshmukh, P., Chen X. #, Granados-Focil, S., Kasi, R., Thermoreversible Ion  

           gels from side-chain liquid crystalline brush diblock copolymers, in Functional Polymers, 

           Design, Synthesis and Applications, edited by Raja Shunmugam, CRC press, Taylor and  

           Francis, 2017, 241-263. Link

  1. 17.Mendecki, L., Chen, X., Callan, N., Thompson, D. F., Schazmann, B., Granados-Focil, S., 

      Radu, A.Doyle,  Simple, Robust, and Plasticizer-Free Iodide-selective Sensor Based on

      Copolymerized  Triazole-based Ionic Liquid. Analytical Chemistry, 2016, 88 (8), 4311. Link

  1. 16.Mendecki, L.M., Fayose, T., Stockmal, K.A., Wei, J., Granados-Focil, S., McGraw, C.M., Radu, 

      A., Robust and ultrasensitive polymer membrane-based carbonate selective

      electrodes. Analytical Chemistry., 2015, 87 (15), 7515. Link

  1. 15.Granados-Focil, S. Stimuli-responsive polymers as active layers for sensors, in

      Functional Polymer Coatings: Principles, Methods, and Applications, First Edition. Edited by Limin Wu and Jamil Baghdachi, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2015. Link

  1. 14.Nguyen, C.T., Zhu, Y., Chen X., Sotzing, G.A., Granados-Focil, S., Kasi, R. M., 

      Nanostructured ion-gels from liquid crystalline block copolymers and gold nano-

      particles in ionic liquids: manifestation of mechanical and electrochemical properties.

     J. Mater. Chem. C., 2015, 3, 399-408. Link

13. Doyle, R., P. Chen, X., Macrae, M., Srungavarapu, A., and Granados-Foci, S., Poly-(ethylene-

      imine)-based polymer blends as lithium single-ion conductors.

      Macromolecules,   2014,47, 3401. Link

12. Kokil, A., Renna, A.*, Kumar, J., Granados-Focil, S. Synthesis and Characterization of        

      Triazolium Iodide Ionic Liquid Electrolyte for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells. Journal of  

     Macromolecular Science, part A, polymer chemistry, 2011, 48, 1022. Link

  1. 11.Sokolov, A., Atahan-Evrenk, S., Mondal, R., Akkerman, H.B., Sanchéz-Carrera, R.S., 

     Granados-Focil, S., Schrier, J., Mannsfeld, S.C.B.,  Zoombelt, A.P.,  Bao, Z., and Aspuru-Guzik,

      A., From in silico to carbon to device: Computational discovery and experimental

      characterization of a high hole mobility organic crystal. Nature Communications, 2011, 2, 

     437.  Link

10. Granados-Focil, S., Conway, J.R.*, Meng, Y.#, Smith, L., Triazole functionalized sol-gel

      membranes, effect of crosslink density and heterocycle content on water free proton  

      conduction and membrane mechanical properties. Journal of Macromolecular Science,

      part A, polymer chemistry, 2010, 47, 1197. Link

Work done before coming to Clark University

      9. Litt, M.; Granados-Focil, S.; Kang, J., Si, K., Wycisk, R.,  Rigid Rod Poly(p-Phenylene 

      sulfonic acid) PEMs: High Conductivity at Low Relative Humidity Due to “Frozen-

      in-Free Volume”, ECS Trans., 2010, 33, 695-710. (6 Citations)  Link

8.   Litt, M.; Granados-Focil, S.; Kang, J., Rigid Rod Polyelectrolytes with Frozen-In Free

      Volume: High Conductivity at Low RH. In Fuel Cell Chemistry and Operation, American

      Chemical Society: 2010; Vol. 1040, pp 49-63. (10 Citations)  Link

7.   Akbey, U., Granados-Focil,  S., Coughlin E.B., Graf, R., Spiess, H.W., 1H Solid-State NMR

      Investigation of Structure and Dynamics of Anhydrous Proton Conducting Triazole-

      Functionalized Siloxane Polymers. J.Phys. Chem. B., 2009, 113, 9151-9160. Link

6.   Litt, Morton H., Granados-Focil, Sergio, Liquid Crystal (polyphenylene sulfonic acids), U.S.

       Pat # 7375,176, 2008, 45 pp.

  1. 5. Granados-Focil, S., Woudenberg, R.C., Yavuzcetin, O., Tuominen, M.T., Coughlin, E.B., 

      Water-free proton conducting polysiloxanes: A study on the effect of heterocycle  

      structure. Macromolecules, 2007, 40, 8708-8713. Link

  1. 4.  Marwiset, S., Woudenberg, R.C., Granados-Focil, S., Yavuzcetin, O., Tuominen, M.T., 

      Coughlin, E.B., Intrinsically conducting polymers and copolymers containing triazole   

      moieties. Solid  State  Ionics, 2007, 178, 23-24, 1398-1403. Link

  1. 3.  Likhatchev D., Granados-Focil S., Barrientos-Gutierrez S.   Novel procedure for the  

       synthesis of fluorescent fused heterocyclic dyes and its application to vinylic polymers.  

       MEX patent, pending.

2.   Likhatchev D., Granados-Fócil S., Gaviño R., Canseco M., Alexandrova L., High Perfomance

      Polymers, 1999, 11 (4), 405-415. Link

1.   Barrios, F; Granados, S; Talanquer, Vincente.  How do crystals form?    Educacion Quimica

     (Chemical Education), 1998, 9(3), 129-135.

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