August ’18

Sergio is presenting a poster at the GRC on membranes.

The lab welcomes Valeria Gutierrez as a new Ph.D. student.

July ’18

The first paper on the geopolymer chemistry collaboration is out. See it here.

June ’18

The group has obtained funding from NSF to study lithium transport through polymers: An integrated study of ion dynamics and population distributions to understand the molecular underpinnings of charge transport through self-assembled solid polymer electrolytes

Details are here

June ’17

Sergio has been named American Chemical Society Fellow, through a nomination from the Division of Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering, you can see the official announcement here.

Sergio is speaking at the Solid State Ionics international congress in Padua, Italy.

Sergio is speaking at the Universita Campus Biomedico di Roma.

May ’18

The second paper from the NSF-funded collaboration is out. See it here.

The first paper from the Harvard-Clark collaboration to develop new membranes for redox flow batteries is out. See it here.

January ’18

The first paper on solid acid catalysts for cellulose hydrolysis is out. See it here.

April ’17

  1. Sergio will speak at the Chemistry seminar at WPI on April 19th

  1. The group has obtained funding from NSF for a collaborative project with WPI: Collaborative Research: Adaptive Building Enclosure Systems Using Cellular Solid-Solid Phase Change Materials with Variable Transparency. Details are here.

  1. Congratulations to Will Wei and Will Trout for getting their paper published in the Journal of Polymer Science, Part-A, Polymer Chemistry.

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