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Introduction to Fungal Biology
Morphological Diversity and Life Cycles
Fungal Ecology
Systematics and Fungal Phylogeny
Fungal Molecular Ecology
Adapted Peer Reviewed Literature
Lesson Plans

Morphology--------Life Cycles-------Challenges--------Opportunities

Lesson in fungus culture

Lesson in fungal genetics

IV. Opportunities:

  • Culturability and indeterminate clonal growth makes fungi useful for laboratory experiments. Living fungal cultures can often be stored for long periods, for example in liquid nitrogen.
  • Viability of haploid and dikaryotic phases in many groups of fungi provides additional opportunities for genetics studies. For example, multiple crosses can be performed using the same haploid strain. The persistent dikaryotic phase in basidiomycetes makes it possible to segregate parental nuclei.

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Morphology--------Life Cycles-------Challenges--------Opportunities

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