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Introduction to Fungal Biology
Morphological Diversity and Life Cycles
Fungal Ecology
Systematics and Fungal Phylogeny
Fungal Molecular Ecology
Adapted Peer Reviewed Literature
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Morphological Diversity and Life Cycles

The complexity of fungal morphology and life cycles is a double edged sword to scientists. On the one hand, fungi are mysterious and full of surprises which makes them interesting and fun to study. On the other hand, they can be very difficult to study for the same reasons.

Fungal Morphology This page explains some of the fungal structures that one should become familiar with to study fungi.

Fungal Life Cycles This page gives an overview of the complex paths fungi can take to reproduce.

Other Challenges to Studying Fungi This page discusses other fungus-specific issues.

Unique Opportunities in Studying Fungi In addition to the unique problems, fungi offer unique opportunities.

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